My Teaching Philosophy


My philosophy on guitar instruction is to ensure that the student learns all the tools necessary to achieve their personal goals and most importantly… to have fun doing it. It also stems from various experiences that I’ve gone through in my lifetime and from the 30+ years of learning, playing, touring and teaching the guitar professionally. I was once a student myself and I never forget that simple fact.

Over the 25 years of instructing, I’ve taught hundreds of students. Every student is different in that the way they learn. I focus on and treat each student as an individual, focusing on their level of learning. While I have a curriculum that I follow, that curriculum is modified and personalized for each student.

As your instructor, My goal is to help you develop the skills needed to become the best player you can be. That being said, it’s up to you, as a student, to practice. The question I’m asked all the time is… “How long will it take for me to be a good player?” and my answer is: “That’s up to you and how much you put into it.” It would be nice if there was a magic pill you could take to become a great player, but there isn’t. So that means that it’s going to take a little work for you to reach your goals.

Also, as your instructor, it’s my goal to keep your learning experience interesting and fun. I know that learning can be frustrating at times, but I strive to keep it fun and exciting for the student. While music theory, chords, scales and proper technique are all vital, it’s also important to keep it fun as well.

“Jeff started me off with all the basics. Then, combining a love for classical music plus my desire to want to emulate all popular folk singers, Jeff found a repertoire that fit my style and playing. I am inspired as well as in awe of his knowledge, never-ending patience, supportive words, encouragement and a talent that won’t quit. To coin a musician’s phrase, He rocks!”

Shari R. - Greensboro, NC

“I have taken lessons with Jeff for a number of years and am always amazed by the depth of his knowledge and abilities. I had no musical training prior to beginning with Jeff and he has helped me with theory, technique, and motivation. He is a patient and challenging teacher. I would recommend him for any experience level. Jeff will make you a better player!”

Tim Bullard - Greensboro, NC