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Jeff Swanson

Guitar Lessons in Greensboro, NC

Hi, My name is Jeff Swanson and I offer private guitar lessons in Greensboro, NC. I’ve been teaching Guitar professionally in the Greensboro area for over 30 years. Students range from beginner to advanced, all ages, and covering many different styles…including Rock, Blues, Jazz, Classical, Country, etc. All lessons are personalized for the student and relevant to the style the student wants to pursue.

Lessons are given in a quiet and comfortable environment. My teaching studio is located in the Old Irving Park area of Greensboro, at 1515 W. Cornwallis Dr. Suite G-109.

Beginning Guitar Student

For someone just starting out, we’ll work on building a solid foundation for playing the guitar. Examples: exercises for building up finger strength and coordination, basic chords, scales and reading tablature. An introduction to music theory. We’ll also work on creating good habits and practice discipline.

Intermediate/Advanced Guitarist

After evaluating, I’ll formulate a lesson plan to build on and improve the student’s skill level. Which includes: Music theory, technique, writing and composition. As well as advanced soloing and the techniques involved, including improvisation.

About Me

At the age of 13, I picked up the guitar and never put it down. After many years of lessons and various schooling I started my teaching career at the age of 20. Starting in 1986 I spent most of my time teaching private lessons, averaging over 50 students a week. In addition, doing studio work when the opportunity presented itself.

1988 I took time off from giving lessons so I could focus on the next level of my profession, touring with Florida based band Gunfighter. While touring I had the opportunity of opening for various national acts including; Pantera, Robin Trower and the late Jeff Healey, to name a few.

I stopped touring in 1992 and relocated back to Greensboro, NC and began teaching full time again. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s I released an instrumental rock CD entitled: Event Horizon. The CD has sold several thousand copies around the world and is available on iTunes and Amazon Music. The release is also available for streaming via Spotify and Apple Music.

Feel free to contact me about scheduling and any questions that you may have. I’ll be happy to answer them! Thanks for stopping by!

Swanson Guitar Lessons - Students

What are current and past students saying?

“Jeff started me off with all the basics. Then, combining a love for classical music plus my desire to want to emulate all popular folk singers, Jeff found a repertoire that fit my style and playing. I am inspired as well as in awe of his knowledge, never-ending patience, supportive words, encouragement and a talent that won’t quit. To coin a musician’s phrase, He rocks!”

Shari R. - Greensboro, NC

“I have taken lessons with Jeff for a number of years and am always amazed by the depth of his knowledge and abilities. I had no musical training prior to beginning with Jeff and he has helped me with theory, technique, and motivation. He is a patient and challenging teacher. I would recommend him for any experience level. Jeff will make you a better player!”

Tim Bullard - Greensboro, NC